Wednesday, July 23, 2008


If I have all the colors of the rainbow
I would paint happiness and not sorrow
If I have all the flakes of the snow
I will gather them and make kisses to blow

If I have all the glimpse of sunrise
Each morning you will wake up with a surprise
If I have all the hope in the universe
Trust me no burning bridge you cannot traverse

If I have all the smiles of the babies
I will adorn your cheek with happiness
If I will have all the beauty of the flowers
I will clothe you with its splendor forever

If I can box up all the warmth of the sun
I will send it to you
when the summer is gone
When cold comes telling you winter has begun
My love will sustain you when everything is gone

Note: The winter picture is courtesy of my friend Paolo from the UK and the baby (lovely Siobhan) pic from my friend Arie from New Zealand

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Oh Soul! Who are you?
where do you come from?
Why you become so proud?
From a tiny blood you grew
Into an ambitious lad

Everything docks in your shore
Yet you cry for more
You chase everything your heart's desire
Leak them like a consuming fire

You're like a grave that swallows every dead
Even full you take it all
Somehow forgetting the One above
That He gave everything you have

But then your time is up
Someone has pulled your back
That turns everything to black
Too late DEATH visits your lap!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Life is a Matter of Perspective

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saturday Morning Out

She ties her shoe
She sings HO!
She calls who
A poet’s woe

The sun is up
Gotta think on top
We got money and we need to hop
Off we go to the shop and laugh

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

In Search of Love and Meaning

Every day I shed my tacky nightgown
The papers for the cosmical
What perils I should circumbent
Alliances to cultivate, the tides
The hemlines, water levels,
indexes of
Copper, sugar, chrome, antics of kinds
Weather forecast, obituaries, ads
Whose self-advertisement were published
Who has come or gone?
One must protect ones shares of stock
In search of ecstasy and wisdom,
I down my pan de sal and coffee,
Take a stroll among my flora, coaxing
Them to bloom, I nuzzle the baby,
My seams, intone my mantra, take
A crap, tidy up, I figure what's for
Lunch, I mend a tear, settle a bill,
Medicate a wound, make a call or
Struggle to maintain my equanimity
I communicate, condone, condemn,
Conspire, chuckle, consider, congratulate,
Con, corrupt, compare, I compose
I contemplate
And when the boys are home for lunch,
Naptime, write a thing or two,
issue a
Communique, an application, inquiry
a gripe
My second cup of coffee, venture
out into
because one
Must protect ones share of stock, get on
In the world swagger, strut, protect for
what would
Mater say or Auntie E. by Noche Buena time?
Should I get on a notch or two?
Today I crave for adventure, a tribal
To some esoteric lore, I engineer
Disguise, an exercise in packaging
Camouflage the pangs of aging
Just what it is that physical decay can
Teach? I take a mental note to fast
and pray
Just who was it who died the
other day?
We ooze out poesies when young
and prose much later
And the we clamber up our wheels,
my spouse
Turns up the engine, navigates,
we're off
To realms mysterious, lairs of dragons
tower off
ivory, rooms, of porphyry were
Dwelleth beauty or perchance today
vertiginous madness
And decay, domains of pomp, or
filthy hovels
Where miracles lurk around the
To celebrate...
celebrations,castigations, journeys
And mundane, tree and phoney
kindoms of ennui
Accidie, grandeur, truth and beauty.
Of pain and evasion, music of
the spheres
Territorial battles, hair raising
feats of
Endurance, hum drum encounters,
tedious divagations
Then by midnight we are home
with son in tow
I tuck the children in, perform
my ablutions
Slip into my nightgown, press
their acupuncture
points, meredians in the feel
it's back
Dailiness,read Kerove or Fuller
Ploit of hexagrams
Of Yin and Yang, consider the
Of the planet, the state and stability
Of the nation, How and What I Goofed,
My literary non-career, Impending
Local and global, Imbalances, ecological
And Interpersonal, mny little
triumphs of defeats
The state of my pocketbook
And the evascence of things
12,000 odd days later,
What does it all add up to?
I see its youth that swaggers
While the ageing, buckle down to
Comfort and whats got to be done
Beyond my round of dailiness
and ecstasy
Beyond the world lies poesie..

* I love this poem (but this isn't mine.. sigh*). I found it about 10 years ago when my evil boss locked me in the stock room. Oh no,I wasn't brutally abuse. It was just I lost an important paper and I had to dig all the stuff and eat all the dust in the stock room to find it out. Unfortunately, I didnt find what I was looking for,instead I found an old magazine issued on the day and year I was born. This poem caught my eye. I wasn't able to figure out the name of the author because the part where his name was written was torn. Email me if you're the author :-) Oh please dont sue me!

Friday, April 11, 2008


I breathe the morning dew from your velvet sky
The drips of your blood bathe me endlessly
Your fire burns deep within my veins
Consume me and keep me sane

Let me fly and die in your arms
Awaken the passion and keep me warm
While the nightingale sings and takes its flight by night
Pierce me and bury me into the deepest of the night

Cage me but loose my chain
Chase me and dance with me in pain
The sea roars like a mad lion caged in agony
There your voice tame me like a harp plays in harmony

The northern wind castigate me in my dreams
It castellated the castle I built so it seems
The cruelties of the night keep me from your song
There you put back the slumber I long

Bleed me and take my breath away
Take the arrow and slay me
Let it buried forever in my heart
There I can feel you forever in my heart

Thursday, April 10, 2008

To The One I Love

I love you more than words can say
You may not often hear me say
But in my heart you always stay
Loving you makes my life complete
For you are the air that I breathe

Every seconds I can hear you say
You loved me more than I can see
In the strength of your arm
I can feel I'm free from harm
You're the music to my soul
And giving you up I'd be a fool

How can I not love you
When you wipe away my all tears
and take away all my fears
Without you life would be so empty
My world would be nothing but vanity

Your love for me is beyond compare
Search my heart this I dare
I love you and you know it's true
When everything is said and done
I will love you till my breath is gone

*This poem was written almost 8 years ago while my foot was planted on a 10,311 feet above sea level mountain. My heart just cannot contain and express the love I felt on that day while I was looking at the cottony clouds below me, so I took my pen out in my backpack and began to write. This poem always remind me of my undying love to a very special someone in my life. Someone who will always be loved til the day I die.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


How vivid is the farthest star
How near is the distant shore
How reachable is the Orion
How dim is the uncertainty
How foolish is the wisdom of a fool
How far can you fly with Icarus’ wings
How soon is forever
How gentle is the roaring lion
How strong is a broken spirit
How lovely is a scattered dream
And how passionate is the eyes of a homeless child...


Eyes, close your door
Shut yourself from the folly of the wee hour
Cast your slumber into your veins
Embrace the sweetness of drifting into the depth of silence
Caress the soul within you
Unburden the loads of the day
Untangle the cares and lay
Swiftly whisper to my ear
The song I want to hear

Eyes, give rest to your weary wings
Swim in the tide of your imagination
Eyes, do you hear the tempting voice of nightingale?
Listen to the pounding of someone’s heart beguiled
Let the beat hums you to sleep
Uncover the darkness with the joy you dreamt
Till morrow welcome you with the blazing sunrise of hope